If you visit this website from Replato B.V., we or third parties place one or more cookies (small text files) on your device and/or we may use web beacons or similar technologies (collectively “Cookies”) to collect information about you and the device you are on , to collect use. We may use cookies to, among other things, store login details, improve your user experience, collect statistics to optimize website functionality, conduct customer research and provide content and advertising tailored to your interests. In this cookie statement we tell you which cookies we use and for what.

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Which cookies do we use?

We generally use cookies, which are necessary for the functionality of this website. Depending on your cookie settings, we may use additional cookies. You can see exactly which cookies we place via your browser. For example, if you use Google Chrome, you can see exactly which cookies are being placed by which party by clicking the lock in front of the URL in your browser. You can also see how long a cookie is being placed.

Below we give more information about the different types of cookies that we (may) use:

First-Party and Third-Party Cookies

We place some cookies on your device ourselves (first-party cookies), while others are placed by third parties (third-party cookies). You can see which party is placing the cookie in the “Provider” column above, but also via your browser.

Temporary, permanent and session cookies

Cookies can be stored on your device for a specific period of time or for the duration of a session. A persistent cookie consists of a text file sent from a web server to a web browser, which is stored by the browser and remains valid until the set expiration date (unless you delete the cookie before the expiration date). A session cookie, on the other hand, expires at the end of the user session when the web browser is closed.

Activate, deactivate and delete cookies

You can refuse all cookies, except for functional cookies, if you prefer not to receive them, and your device can warn you when cookies are being used. You can withdraw or change your consent(s) at any time by clicking on “Cookie Settings” in the footer of our website and indicating your preferences. After you adjust your cookie settings, your browser may indicate that certain cookies for which you have withdrawn your consent are still present on your device. Because if you withdraw your consent, we can only deactivate these cookies (these cookies will then no longer share data with us), but not remove them from your device ourselves.

You can delete the cookies that are already on your device yourself and set your browser so that they are not placed. Please note that if you have set your browser to refuse cookies, this may limit the functionality of the website you are visiting and you may not be able to access some website features.

To disable cookies or receive a warning when cookies are being used, you must adjust your browser settings. You can adjust your browser settings so that certain cookies are deleted. Visit your browser’s “Help” section to manage your cookie settings. The following links will take you directly to the manuals for popular browsers:

Additionally, if you do not want Google Analytics data to be collected and used by Google, you can download and install the browser plugin available here. You can also find more information about cookies and how to remove cookies via Your Online Choices.

If you decide to delete all cookies that have been placed, you will be prompted again to make a choice regarding your cookie settings the next time you visit the website.