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The number one Dutch factory for industrial name- and tagplates.

You can find them everywhere, in countless different sizes and shapes. Exclusively from Replato since 1913 for every customer and for every application.
Manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands.

We produce for:

Mechanical and plant engineering, aviation and shipping, offshore, vehicle construction, transport, advertising and engraving companies, etc.

What we do

Our Products

On the right, you will find an overview of the most common products we manufacture and supply. We produce 90% ourselves in our 2500 m2 factory in Almelo. In addition to these “standard” products, we also manufacture customer-specific products. Feel free to share us you wished and we will examine the possibilities together.

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Why Replato?

What you can expect from us

Factory prices

Our biggest advantage is that as a manufacturer we can offer competitive prices because we manufacture 90% of the plates, stickers and labels ourselves in our 2500 m2 production facility in Almelo (the Netherlands).

Personal contact and advice

Whether you call us or e-mail or send in an application form, our advisers will always handle your application personally and advise you where necessary.

Short delivery time

We don't have standard delivery times but we think along with you. We are flexible. Throughout whole Europe.

More about us

Our Process

How does a request / order proceed?


Request a quotation

You can send an e-mail with your request/order to info@replato.nl or let us know by calling us on: +31 546 861 116 (ask for Sales industrial products)

Get your free offer

If everything is clear, you will receive a free offer / quotation by e-mail including our general conditions.

Order Agreement & Submit digital files

In agreement with the quotation. We would like to receive your purchase order and/or company details, so that we can put all data in our system. Please, provide drawings as soon as possible.


You must pay the order in advance. We only send digital invoices to the e-mail address you provided.

Digital proof

As soon as we have received your digital file(s), you will receive a digital proof from us in PDF format. Please check these files very carefully.


After approval of the digital proof, you will receive the order confirmation from us with the delivery date and our conditions. Please check these carefully.


The Replato team will process and produce your order.


When the order is ready in our factory, we will ship the package(s) with DHL throughout Europe. You can also pick-up the goods from our production site, Replato (Almelo, The Netherlands).

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Since 1913

Over 100 years of experience!

Replato is a Dutch manufacturer of industrial nameplates and tagplates for over 100 years. Replato is founded in 1913 in Amsterdam. Our office and production facility is currently located in Almelo (East side of The Netherlands). We produce for companies all over Europe. In addition to industrial products, we also manufacture signage and wayfinding systems.

Amsterdam (Founded)





Almelo (Renovation)